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Interior Doors

McMahon and Company offers a wide variety of interior doors to meet all of your needs.  We have partnered with a number of high quality manufacturers to provide you with any interior door to meet the décor of your dream.  Along with offering high quality doors made with the best material in the industry, McMahon and Company has developed our own “Platinum Prefinishing” program which will provide you with a factory finished interior door package that gives you the flexibility to match any color that completes your interior millwork package.

  • Platinum Prefinish Program – We have worked diligently over the past few years to perfect our prefinish system and are ready to launch our new system to our entire customer base.  We have developed a 5 step finishing system that meets our strict quality standards.  We are proud of our product and feel that we will provide you with a high quality prefinished millwork package to satisfy your needs.  Our “Platinum Prefinish Program” offers greater flexibility and adds more value than any other competitor in the industry.
  • Masonite® Palazzo™, Safe’N Sound®, Masonite® Molded Panel Series –
    • Masonite’s Palazzo Series® features distinct raised moulding combined with unique high-definition panel profiles.  Palazzo’s raised moulding introduces architectural accents like no other door.  Palazzo is offered in three architectural designs, Bellagio®, Capri® and the new Treviso™.  The patented Treviso is a three-panel camber-top design that embodies a classic European door layout.  All three Palazzo designs make a grand impression and add elegance and sophistication to any room.
    • The Masonite® Anniversary Collection is a special edition of our Masonite® Molded Panel Series created in honor of Masonite’s 80th year.  These designs provide the ultimate in wood door authenticity with all of the benefits of composite wood product.  This truly unique collection features the beautiful Cheyenne® Two-Panel Plank Smooth which is perfect for that rustic, country or western look.  The Glenview™ Three-Panel Craftsman Smooth is ideal for Craftsman or Mission style homes.  The Riverside™ Five-Panel Equal Smooth features our molded shaker panel profile and is a classic, yet timeless, wood door design.
    • Masonite® Molded Panel Series are more durable and resist warping, shrinking and cracking better than solid wood doors.  These beautifully engineered doors are available in a smooth or textured finish with matching bifolds to suit any décor.  Best of all, no old growth timber is harvested solely for the production of Molded Panel Doors from Masonite.  By-product wood chips and timber from sustainably managed forests are used by facilities with a commitment to environmental excellence in every step of the door manufacturing process.
    • Visit Masonite Website for interior doors
  • Woodgrain – MaC has worked closely with Passages over the past 10 years to provide a high quality imported panel interior door program.  Passages provide us with a number of doors styles and species that give our customers the ability to upgrade their interior doors for their homes at very reasonable prices.  Please refer to our MaC Interior Door price pages for door styles that are available from Passages.
  • Seneca Lag Door Series by Koch and Company – Koch’s selection of stile and rail profiles, panel options and wood species allows you to choose doors that complement your other woodwork and cabinetry.  Combining those options with our wide selection of door designs allows us to meet the needs of all homeowners.  For the most pleasing and consistent grain color; Koch’s interior doors are constructed from top-quality A-Grade Select plain sliced veneers.  These doors are laminated onto engineered composite cores to eliminate splitting and warping, minimizing expansion and contraction, and ensure dimensional stability.
    • Lag Bolt Assembly – This is a signature feature of Koch Doors.  Bored through the door edges to secure stiles and rails, these long metal bolts are far stronger than the wood dowels used by other manufacturers and guard against joint separation caused by changes in temperature and humidity.
    • Panel Options – Koch offers their doors in either Raised Panel or Flat Panel designs.  Please refer to MaC’s Interior Price catalog for more details.
    • Other product available from Koch – V-Groove Panel Doors, Designer Glass (Stain Glass), Wheatcore Doors “Green” and 20 Minute Stile and Rail.
    • Visit Koch & Company Online Now

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